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Personalized Aluminum Industrial Label UV Print 10x15cm

Personalized Aluminum Industrial Label UV Print 10x15cm

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Custom anodized aluminum metal labels with UV print for industrial use | Durable, Resistant, Customizable

Anodized Aluminum Label with UV Print - dim. 10x15cm

Are you looking for high quality custom anodized aluminum metal labels for industrial applications? Stop looking! We offer a wide range of durable and resistant anodized aluminum metal labels, customized with UV printing to meet your specific needs.

Our personalized aluminum metal labels with UV Print:

  • They are durable and resistant: They can withstand industrial environments, including high temperatures and moderate abrasion. *
  • They are customizable: They can be printed with the logo, brand, information about the machine, or other company information.
  • They are available in a variety of sizes and shapes: We can create aluminum metal labels that perfectly fit your needs. Practically Any Size is needed
  • They are printed with UV printing: UV printing ensures a clear, durable and fade-resistant image . *

* UV printing has remarkable properties, BUT also weaknesses:
- it does NOT withstand mechanical stress or extreme abrasion, only moderate.
- it can be soluble in substances such as diluents and technical alcohol.
IF the labels are to be exposed to the environments mentioned above, you need Engraved Industrial Labels and you can find them HERE

Our anodized aluminum metal labels are perfect for:

  • Equipment Identification: Our aluminum metal tags can be used to identify industrial equipment such as machines, tools, machinery and vehicles.
  • Product Marking: Our metal aluminum labels can be used to mark industrial products such as components, spare parts and sub-assemblies.
  • Safety Warnings: Our metal aluminum labels can be used to display safety warnings and instructions on industrial equipment and products.

For large volumes, contact us today to learn more about our custom aluminum metal labels with UV printing and custom pricing on the volumes and design required!

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