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Rotary Treasurer Badge Theme of the Year 23-24

Rotary Treasurer Badge Theme of the Year 23-24

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Rotary Treasurer Badge with 2023-2024 Theme of the Year

Made of very high quality materials and with high-performance technologies that allowed us to produce this badge at the level of jewelry.
It is a great honor to be named the treasurer of the Rotary club and this badge will give you another reason to be happy.

The badge has a height of 20 mm and is made of metal plated with 24 karat gold. The colors are made of a special enamel based on colored glass powder and which is baked at high temperatures, the same technique used in the creation of jewelry.
Using these materials and technologies we have reached a result that is as precise and elegant as possible and a beautiful and durable object.

The production of these badges is difficult and limited and our recommendation is not to delay the purchase.
This badge will be representative of your position this year, but in the future it will become a collector's item with both sentimental and material value.

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