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House Number - Personalized Apartment Cut Out with Spacer

House Number - Personalized Apartment Cut Out with Spacer

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Cut out plates plus spacer with House Number and Street Name

Made of acrylic material with an impeccable appearance and immune to the weather regardless of the season.

This house or apartment number is an elegant and durable way to identify your home. Made of acrylic material with an impeccable appearance and immune to the weather regardless of the season. The text is cut with a high-precision laser, for clarity and a special appearance.

The number is easy to install with screws included. After installation, the screws will no longer be visible, so the mounting system will not spoil the design of the number. It is available in different sizes, so you can find the perfect size for your home.


    • customize
    • Elegant and durable
    • Made of black acrylic resistant outside regardless of the season
    • Precisely cropped text
    • Easy to install
    • Available in different sizes

    • Available in Matt or Glossy black

Target audience:

This product is intended for house or apartment owners who want to identify their homes in an elegant and durable way. It is an excellent choice for those looking for a high-quality product that will keep the same appearance for many years.
It is a suitable choice for those looking for a unique product that reflects their personal style.

Resistant materials of superb and high quality acrylic composition that will withstand a very long period of time outdoors facing the weather without losing their appearance and integrity. The molecular place structure is designed exclusively to serve advertising production, company plates, house numbers, street signs and implicitly to face many years in any climate, thus becoming more performant than metal, excluding the possibility of oxidizing (cobs, rusts) .

Clamping System: The board has a fastening system consisting of a plate that you fasten with building screws, the same plate that will serve as a spacer that offers a wonderful visual effect in all light conditions. After that, you will apply the number itself, which is provided with a very strong adhesive and immune to weather and water. Very easy to mount and provided with screws. If the screws in the package do not fit, you can replace them with other suitable screws without putting yourself in difficulty.

*The photos are taken from several angles and are NOT edited with the aim and hope that they can express the appearance, color and texture of the materials as realistically as possible. However, there is a risk that certain devices may display the colors differently without reality. The colors of our materials are NOT produced according to the RAL palette, like paints or stickers.

**Acrylic materials designed strictly for advertising production and outdoor informational signs. These materials will withstand a very long period of time outside and will withstand the weather: sun, heat, cold, rain, frost.
For these destinations in particular: house numbers, company plates, street plates, etc. these materials are more efficient than most metals because they cannot oxidize or rust and have an almost non-existent expansion and contraction index.

***Resistance to vandalism: If he wants to break it, he will break it. :(

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