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Gravura Pe Orice

Stainless Steel QR Plate Laser Engraved 6x6cm

Stainless Steel QR Plate Laser Engraved 6x6cm

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Laser Engraved Stainless Steel Plate with QR code or any other text, logo or drawing.

The laser-engraved stainless steel plates with QR code are an efficient, durable and elegant way to give customers instant access to a link that can be a restaurant menu, a business card, instructions for using a product, schedule, appointment link and the list can go on and on.

You will never have to change it. You can change the content of the chosen link whenever and wherever you want without having to change the QR code sticker. Change the menu content in real time without the QR code having to be modified.

Materials and engraving:
Stainless steel is stainless steel, there is no need to present the properties of stainless steel. It is resistant, very resistant, it does not rust, it does not "expire", it keeps the same appearance for decades, it is difficult to process which means that it is difficult to destroy, immune to thermal stress and there are very few chemical substances that can attack it . All these aspects make it indestructible and would give would-be vandals a lot of trouble.

Laser engraving is a burn in the actual material and will remain in the plate in its original form regardless of the conditions. The tiles in the images are photographed 8 seasons, 24 months, since they were applied and were exclusively outside on a night and day terrace with intense traffic.
The technology allows us to do intense engraving and the result is a QR code in strong contrast with the material, which makes it easy to read by any mobile device even in low light conditions.

"the plaques in the image are photographed after 24 months of state exclusively outside"

The tiles in the images measure 6x6cm, the ideal size that resulted from many experiments and past experiences.

The plates come with a very strong adhesive on the back that, applied correctly on a clean and smooth surface, will not come off. Trying to peel them off with a hard or sharp object will destroy the surface on which it is glued faster than the destruction of the plate.
If you do NOT want this strong adhesive, please specify this in the personalization field.

Personalization :
The QR code, the Logo, the text or any other information you want to put on the support will be laser engraved and indestructible. After we receive the information that will be personalized on the plate, we will send simulations with design suggestions that we can modify to the customer's liking.

Enter all the information in the personalization field along with explanations so that we can analyze it and come back with simulations.
Also upload the logo or other illustration you want to appear on the menu.
You can upload an image of the QR code or simply give us the link and we will generate it for you.

We will NOT proceed to execution until we receive the Print Approval from the client, so you can place the order with confidence!
You will be contacted by the production team with simulations and other details.

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