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Licentiat Rotary Romania

Rotary Traffic Sign for Entering the City

Rotary Traffic Sign for Entering the City

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Rotary Club Personalized Traffic Sign + [City Name]

  • Personalized traffic sign with the Rotary Club logo and the names of local clubs.
  • Standard dimensions, diameter 60cm, additional plate 60x20cm.
  • Ideal to mark the entrance to the locality and promote the Rotary International organization.
  • Made of high-quality, weather-resistant materials. Metal plate painted in an electrostatic field and customized with reflective materials, just like the rest of the traffic signs.
  • Order now and help promote the Rotary Club in your city!

All you have to do is choose how many additional plates you want with the names of the clubs and in the personalization field enter the names of the clubs.

The price includes the galvanized pipe for fixing and the clamps related to each table.

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