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Gravura Pe Orice

Glossy Bronze / Black Acrylic Nameplate

Glossy Bronze / Black Acrylic Nameplate

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Grip System

A special company plate

The elegant name plate with a superb design that suits both buildings with a modern architecture and historical buildings as long as we match its content.

You don't have to do the entire design yourself, we will assist you at no additional cost and we will send you electronic models as often as necessary to ensure that your business will have the image you want. *in return we cannot include logo creation works or logo vectorization from a low quality image, these works attract additional costs that will NOT be applied unless requested and with the client's agreement.

Resistant materials of superb and high quality acrylic composition that will withstand a very long period of time outdoors facing the weather without losing their appearance and integrity. The molecular place structure is designed exclusively to serve advertising production, company plates, house numbers, street signs and implicitly to face any climate thus becoming more performant than metal, excluding the possibility of oxidizing (cobs, rust).

Grip System: The board has a very strong adhesive on the back, but which needs a perfectly smooth surface to adhere to. Don't worry, neither the sun nor the rain or the ice will weaken it, on the contrary, our recommendation is to take measurements and glue it perfectly from the first because you won't be able to peel it off.
In case of you need a fastening system with screws , you can opt for this system without spoiling the appearance of the board, they are completely invisible once you have installed the board, see how it works.

Do I need the screw clamping system?
NO - if the number will be applied on a perfectly smooth surface on which the adhesive provided on the back can adhere and which is very strong.
YES - if the number will be fixed on textured surfaces such as: textured plasters, bricks or any type of irregular surface on which the adhesive cannot adhere.

*The photos are taken from several angles and are NOT edited with the aim and hope that they can express the appearance, color and texture of the materials as realistically as possible. However, there is a risk that certain devices may display colors differently from reality. The colors of our materials are NOT produced according to the RAL palette, like paints or stickers.

**Acrylic materials designed strictly for advertising production and outdoor informational signs. These materials will withstand a very long period of time outside and will withstand the weather: sun, heat, cold, rain, frost.
For these destinations in particular: house numbers, company plates, street plates, etc. these materials are more efficient than most metals because they cannot oxidize or rust and have an almost non-existent expansion and contraction index.

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