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Gravura Pe Orice

Plexiglass Firma Plate with Spacers

Plexiglass Firma Plate with Spacers

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The nameplate is made of Plexiglas, that is, a high-quality acrylic material with a maximum level of transparency in the category of acrylic masses that imitate glass. Unlike glass, it is not sensitive to impacts and if it is vandalized, its remains cannot endanger other people.

Personalization can be done in different ways or a combination of them:

1. Engraving is the technique by which we can personalize company plates in depth, giving them an elegant and sober look
2. Letters and logo applied. To get letters or other elements in relief then this is the most beautiful solution. The elements are cut from outdoor-resistant materials and applied with special adhesives to withstand the weather.
3. UV printing offers a commercial aspect to the board thanks to the fact that through printing we have the freedom to print in color thus obtaining the exact identity of the company.

All these customization methods can be used on the same board.

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