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Steel nameplate that rusts over time

Steel nameplate that rusts over time

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Laser personalized steel nameplate - Modern industrial appearance, natural rust

Elevate your business image with a corten-style steel company name plate personalized by laser cutting!

This unique plate is made of durable steel, which develops a natural rust patina over time, giving it a modern and timeless industrial look. Personalize it with your logo, company name or other desired text to create a memorable statement in front of your headquarters.


  • High quality, weather resistant steel
  • Precise laser cutting for a custom design
  • The unique natural patina that develops over time
  • Modern and elegant industrial appearance
  • Perfect for businesses, shops, institutions or homes

Order your personalized steel company plate today from and give your business a distinctive appearance and let the plate mature with your business.

      You don't have to do the entire design yourself, we will assist you at no additional cost and we will send you electronic models as often as necessary to ensure that your business will have the image you want.
      Extra bends? We will not apply without your approval or at your request. We cannot include logo creation works or logo vectorization from a low-quality image, these works may attract additional costs that will NOT be applied unless requested and with the client's agreement.

      Resistant materials :
      Steel is steel, one of the most used materials on the planet precisely because of its properties resistant to a lot of mechanical, thermal stress, etc. The only enemy of this super material is RUST. Through this style of using steel together with a suitable design, we manage to convert Rust from an enemy into a friend and offer your business an exterior plate that will have a modern and industrial appearance regardless of the phase it is in.

      Fastening System: We will send you screws with spacers so that you can enjoy as much as possible the visual effects of the cutouts from the customization you have chosen .

      The photos are taken one year apart from each other.
      The back plate (yellow) is placed strictly for contrast, if the wall on which you want to fix the plate does not offer a good enough contrast, ask for information in the personalization field about the possibility of offering you contrast plates.

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